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What is Cultural Optimization?


Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

Cultural Intelligence, also known as CQ (cultural quotient) is a term that was introduced by P. Christopher Early and Soon Ang in their book of the same name, Cultural Intelligence, published in 2003. CQ generally refers to an individual or organization's ability to understand, adapt to and effectively interact and work with others from different cultures. It goes beyond mere awareness of cultural differences and extends to embracing diversity and leveraging it as a strength. CQ is not based on an understanding of any specific or similar culture. CQ is culture free and reflects a skillset that allows one to be effective across cultures and multicultural environments.


























Since its conceptualization, CQ has had a significant impact on science and practice globally. CQ is cited in over 1,000 journals, proceedings, and book chapters spanning twenty-four academic disciplines, including management, social sciences, economics and finance, arts and humanities, decision sciences, engineering, and medicine. CQ has also spawned over 1,500 doctoral theses in 21 disciplines. Beyond academia, CQ shapes the policies and practices of global human capital across a wide range of industries (including aviation, consulting services, education, finance, high tech, food, real estate, oil and gas, etc.) as well as government and non-profit sectors (e.g., armed forces, education, mental health, judiciary courts, counselling, public service, and religious missions). 

Why is CQ important for business?
As the global economy continues to transform quickly, more companies want to prepare their employees with the skills to work with diverse populations across the world. A key ability in doing this successfully is having cultural intelligence. Learning about this concept can help you understand why this is important and how it can help improve business performance and company culture.

How does CQ differ from Cultural Competence?

Cultural Competence and Cultural Intelligence are two concepts that are related to understanding and interacting with other cultures. 

While Cultural Intelligence revolves arounds one's skillset to be effective across different cultural and multicultural
 environments, making Cultural Intelligence culture-free. Cultural Competence revolves around one's understanding of a specific or similar cultures, to be effective in multicultural environments.


Native Hawaiian Cultural Competence (NHCQ)?

Similar to cultural competence, but specific to the Native Hawaiian culture.

Kukulu Cultural Optimization
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