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Where Cultural Competence is Served with Aloha

Cultural competence refers to an ability to successfully interact and conduct business with others from different cultures.  As Hawaii's leader in cultural competence services, Kūkulu has helped organizations become and remain culturally competent for nearly 20 years.   Kūkulu is committed to help organizations obtain optimal performance and excellence in service through cultural competence.  To this end, Kūkulu offers a wide range of quality, cost-effective services, designed to optimize cultural competence within organizations.


While services are varied and may be customized, Kūkulu remains focused on the following 3 areas:

(1)  Native Hawaiian Cultural Competence - Working with organizations, such as those in the hospitality industry, that provide products and or services to visitors who come to Hawai‘i, in part, to experience the Native Hawaiian culture.


(2)  Multicultural Competence (external) - Working with organizations, such as hospitals and government agencies, that provide products and or services to customers and clients from multiple cultures.

(3)  Multicultural Competence (internal) - Working with organizations, such as universities and multinational corporations, with employees, associates, and or members from multiple cultures.

Studies have shown that cultural competence interventions (assessments, education, and training) can significantly improve an organization's cultural competence.  Obtaining and maintaining an optimal level of cultural competence requires desire, time, and effort, but is an excellent investment to an organization's viability.  The benefits of cultural competence will vary depending on organization and industry, but typically include greater customer satisfaction, happier employees, repeat business, better retention, increased productivity, and a healthier bottom line!

Why Kūkulu?  

Your Success is Our Success

Kūkulu is a product of Hawai‘i and calls Hawai‘i home, we are committed to Hawai‘i and have a vested interest to make Hawai‘i the best place to live for ourselves, families, and friends.  It is our philosophy that a viable business community is essential for a healthy Hawaiian economy and a good quality of life.  As such, you can TRUST us when we say we want to help you to be as successful as possible, because your success is our success!

Business Meeting

Served with Aloha

Cultural competence is really about recognizing and respecting people for who they are and caring for them as a person, or in other words, living Aloha.  The Aloha spirit and living Aloha are not only key to cultural competence, but is a fundamental Hawaiian cultural principle embraced by Kūkulu and is reflected in how we conduct business.  Kūkulu will help your organization become and remain culturally competent via assessments, interventions, education and training, facilitated and served with Aloha, because Aloha, is always the BETTER way.

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Better Cultural Competence = Better Customer Satisfaction = Better Bottom Line

Hawai‘i remains one of the visitor destinations of the world.  Hawai‘i also continues to be the most culturally diverse State in the U.S. and becomes more diversified every year.  The global hospitality industry is also becoming more diverse and more competitive every year with a growing emphasis on culturally accurate and appropriate interactions.  The studies are clear, cultural competence interventions can significantly increase the cultural competence of  organizations.  Studies have also demonstrated a direct relationship between increased cultural competence, increased customer satisfaction, and an improved bottom line.  In today's hospitality industry (food and beverage, accommodations, travel and transportation), optimal cultural competence is not only beneficial, but critical, to remain viable, and maintain/ increase market share, making cultural competence an issue of  great URGENCYKūkulu can bring your organization's cultural competence up to speed quickly and cost effectively.

“We were pleased and impressed with Kūkulu's delivery of services through every step of the process.  With their help, we managed to upgrade our cultural competence and significantly enhance the authenticity of our cultural programs."

General Manager
Hotel Industry

“Your help with cultural branding made all the difference.  From logo redesign, developing a new slogan, reviewing our marketing efforts, to working with our front desk, we were very happy.  Thank you Kūkulu for believing in us.”

Assistant Manager

Travel Industry

“I enjoyed working with a collective of experts, a team specifically organized to address our organization's needs.    I also appreciated their availability and accessibility due to Kūkulu's platform.  I
look forward to the next phase of monitoring and continuing education. "


Dinning Industry