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Make our team your team.

The Kūkulu Team consists of experts in the areas of psychology, education, business, and pacific and asian cultures. Our Team represents a rare combination of education and practical experience across varied sectors and geographical context. Our multi-cultural Team will harness its collective resources to implement a customized package of services to address your organization's unique cultural intelligence needs. The knowledge and experience of the Kūkulu Team makes us the leading diversity and inclusion consultancy in Hawaii, and one of the top firms of its kine in Oceania and Southeast Asia.


Kimo Alameda
PhD - Psychology
Area - Assessments

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Kaimi Bourne
BA - Pacific Studies
Area - South Pacific Cultures


Kamaka Gunderson
PhD - Education
Area - Education

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Gloria Ishibashi
Masters - Psychology
Area - 


Sky Ishibashi
BA - Pacific Studies
Masters - Psychology
Area - Hawaiian Culture and Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Brook Parker
Area - Art and History of People and Places

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Jenifer Bryan
BA - Interior Design
Area - Hawaiian Spaces

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Desmon Haumea
Kumu A'o
Area - Hawaiian Culture and Navigation

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Pua Ishibashi
BA - Bus. & Econ.
JD - Law
Area - Operations

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Ola Jenkins
Masters - Education
Area - Community 

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Roxie Tubbs
Masters - Psychology

Area - Continuing Education

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