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Our Culture and Team.

A Culture we are Proud of

Culture is not only what we have and how we do things at Kūkulu, it's who we are. Made from our stories, personalities, language, experiences, learning, principles, and beliefs, it can be hard to define. But for us, culture defines who we are and how we act and interact with others. We’ve carefully crafted a culture that empowers and deeply cares for our team, enabling them to bring their best selves to work to better help others.


Our Team

The Kūkulu Team consists of experts in the areas of psychology, education, business, and Hawaiian and South Pacific cultures. Our Team represents a rare combination of education and practical experience across varied sectors and geographical context.

The Kūkulu Team will harness its collective resources to implement a customized package of services to address your organization's unique cultural optimization needs. The tools, skillsets, and experience of the Kūkulu Team makes us the leading cultural optimization, diversity and inclusion consultancy in Hawaii with a South Pacific reach.

Kukulu Cultural Optimization

Kaimi Bourne
Area: Awa Circles and 
South Pacific Cultures

Kukulu Cultural Optimization

Kamaka Gunderson, Ph.D
Area: Education

Kukulu Cultural Optimization

Gloria Ishibashi, M.A.
Area: Treatment Plans

Kukulu Cultural Optimization

Sky Ishibashi, M.S.
Area: Hooponopono,
Conflict Resolution 

Kukulu Cultural Optimization

Brook Parker
Area: Art & Genealogy

Kukulu Cultural Optimization

Jenifer Bryan
Area: Hawaiian Spaces and Design

Kukulu Cultural Optimization

Desmon Haumea
Area: Hawaiian and South Pacific Cultures

Kukulu Cultural Optimization

Pua Ishibashi, J.D.
Area: Implementation and Operations

Kukulu Cultural Optimization

Ola Jenkins, M.Ed.
Area: Assessments

Kukulu Cultural Optimization

Roxie Tubbs, M.S.
Area: Reassessments
and Booster Shots

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