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We  will customize our services to address your organization's unique needs.


Our solutions for organizations often include interdisciplinary concepts or models that draw from the disciplines of anthropology, psychology and sociology.

Based on an organization's concerns and our assessments, we will develop a package of services utilizing the most relevant model or combination of models to address an organization's unique needs. Some of the models we utilize include but are not limited to:

Multicultural  Competence

We help organizations better understand, appreciate, and interact with entities from specific cultures.

Cultural Competence

We help organizations conduct business in an accurate and appropriate manner, relative  the Native Hawaiian Culture.

Cultural Intelligence

We help organizations better understand, appreciate, and interact with entities across cultures.

Kanaka-Centric Culture

We help organizations develop cultures that prioritize employee and customer needs before profits. 

Note on Confidentiality

The services that we provide to our clients including information obtained from clients are carried out under Kūkulu's Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Policy. This includes observations and information collected during the exploratory stages before any business relationship is created. No information will be shared or used to market or promote Kūkulu that may identify any client including our list of clients.

We believe our services and training are proprietary in nature and constitutes a strategic benefit and advantage to you. As such, we believe it is in the best interest of our clients to keep our business associations with them confidential.

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