Established in 2009, Kūkulu is a recognized and respected

cultural consultant to Hawai‘i organizations

Who We Are

In the Hawaiian language the word kūkulu means to establish, build, organize, strengthen, and empower.  Kūkulu Cultural Resources for Organizations, is a collective of experts in the areas of business, education, psychology, and the Hawaiian culture.  

Our Logo

Kūkulu has adopted the pepe‘e as its logo.  Pepe‘e is the Hawaiian word for a fern frond that is starting to unfurl.  The pepe‘e’s circular shape conveys a sense of perpetual forward motion; while its inward curl suggest a return to the point of origin.  The pepe‘e begins its life in the shadows of the forest floor, unfurling as it grows, it must overcome the elements to successfully pierce the darkness as it reaches for sky and light.  Our pepe‘e logo symbolizes new beginnings, overcoming obstacles obstacles, positive change, and empowerment through cultural competence.

What We Do

The Kūkulu Team will harness its collective resources and utilize Kūkulu’s System of Cultural Competence, through assessments, education, and training, to address your organizations unique cultural competence needs. 

Who We Work With

Kūkulu provides its services to clients who are in need of cultural competence.  Whether you are providing products and or services to visitors or dealing with culturally diverse costumers and or employees, we can help.

Kūkulu provides its services to organizations throughout the State of Hawai‘i, within the Pacific Triangle, and Pacific Rim as needed.  

Kūkulu, A Name You Can Trust