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Hawaii's Leader in
Cultural Optimization

About us

Established in 2009, Kūkulu Cultural Optimization (Kūkulu) is a full-service cultural optimization service and training consultancy based in Hawaii with a South Pacific reach. We provide evidence-based, best-practice solutions that will empower and  transform your organization to one of awareness, inclusion, and innovation.


Kūkulu is the Hawaiian word meaning, to establish, build, organize, and strengthen. We have chosen this name because it reflects our business purpose, to optimize and empower organizations.


Pepe‘e is the Hawaiian word for a fern frond that is starting to unfurl. The pepe‘e’s circular shape conveys a sense of perpetual forward motion, while its inward curl suggests a return to the point of origin. The pepe‘e begins its life in the shadows of the forest floor, unfurling as it grows, it must overcome the elements to successfully pierce the darkness as it reaches for light and sky. Our pepe‘e logo symbolizes new beginnings, overcoming obstacles, positive change and empowerment through cultural optimization.

The Kūkulu team consist of experts in the areas of psychology, education, business, and Hawaiian and South Pacific cultures.


Kūkulu is committed to address the growing and evolving demand for cultural optimization among organizations. 

Kūkulu will provide our services to organizations as needed, where needed, and when needed.


Kūkulu provides its services to organizations throughout Hawai‘i, the Pacific Triangle, and beyond.

As a member of the community, Kūkulu has a vested interest and vision to help make Hawai'i the best place to live for us and future generations. Cultural Optimization within organizations and the boarder community will help make this a reality.

Implementing Kūkulu’s proven 5-step process of Cultural Optimization, the Kūkulu Team will address your organization's unique cultural needs with aloha.

Our experience and proven process makes Kūkulu the logical choice to address your cultural optimization needs.

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