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About us.

Established in 2009, Kūkulu is a full-service diversity and inclusion consultancy based in Hawaii with a Pacific-Asia regional focus. We provide evidence-based, best-practice solutions for developing a culture of inclusion and innovation for client organizations.


To achieve these goals, we draw upon the research and practical experience of our team and from a global network of industry peers and coauthors in academia and business.

Today, Kūkulu is recognized as Hawaii's leader in cultural intelligence services, for the Hawaiian as well as multiple Pacific and Asian cultures.


In the Hawaiian language the word kūkulu means to establish, build, organize, strengthen and empower. 


Pepe‘e is the Hawaiian word for a fern frond that is starting to unfurl.  The pepe‘e’s circular shape conveys a sense of perpetual forward motion, while its inward curl suggest a return to the point of origin.  The pepe‘e begins its life in the shadows of the forest floor, unfurling as it grows, it must overcome the elements to successfully pierce the darkness as it reaches for sky and light.  Our pepe‘e logo symbolizes new beginnings, overcoming obstacles, positive change and empowerment through cultural competence.


The Kūkulu Team consist of experts in the areas of psychology, Pacific and Asian cultures, education and business.


Established in 2009, Kūkulu is committed to address the growing and evolving demand for cultural intelligence from organizations. 

Implementing Kūkulu’s proven "Pathway" to Cultural Intelligence, the Kūkulu Team will utilize it collective resources to address your organizations unique cultural competence needs.


Kūkulu provides its services to organizations throughout Hawai‘i and the Pacific region.

May include, but are not limited to, workshops, group sessions, zoom meetings, retreats, and mentoring. 
Once a treatment plan is developed and 
services are provided, it is recommended that client organizations be re-evaluated every three (3) to five (5) years and obtain refresher services as needed to maintain an optimum level of cultural intelligence. Learn more about our services

Kūkulu will provide its services to organizations as needed, where needed, and when needed, and will do so in the most unobtrusive manner possible.

As a member of the community, Kūkulu has a vested interest and vision to help make Hawaii the best place to live for current and future generations. Cultural competence within organizations and the boarder community is a very important component of this vision.

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