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Your first step towards Cultual Optimization begins with Kūkulu 

Why Kūkulu?  

Our experience and proven process makes us the clear choice.

Kukulu Cultural Optimization

Your Success is Our Success

Kūkulu is a home-grown product that calls Hawai‘i home, we are committed to Hawai‘i and have a vested interest to make Hawai‘i the best place to live for ourselves, families, friends, and future generations. It is our philosophy that a viable business community is essential for a healthy diverse Hawaiian economy and a good quality of life. As such, you can TRUST us when we say we want to help you to be successful, because your success is our success!

Kukulu Cultural Optimization

Served with Aloha

Cultural optimization is really about interacting, one person to another, and begins with recognizing and respecting people for who they are and caring for them as a person, in other words, living Aloha. Living Aloha, having and sharing Aloha, is a fundamental Hawaiian cultural value that is embraced by Kūkulu and reflected in how we treat our staff and work with clients. We put people first before profits and gains. Kūkulu will help your organization optimize its cultural resources through a proven process facilitated with Aloha.

What Our Client's
Have to Say


“We were pleased and impressed with Kūkulu's delivery of services through every step of the process.  With their help, we managed to upgrade our cultural competence and significantly enhance the authenticity of our cultural programs.”

General Manager
Hotel Industry

“Your help with cultural branding made all the difference.  From logo redesign, developing a new slogan, reviewing our marketing efforts, to working with our front desk, we were very happy.  Thank you Kūkulu for believing in us.”

Assistant Manager

Travel Industry

“I enjoyed working with a collective of experts, a team specifically organized to address our organization's needs. I also appreciated their availability and accessibility due to Kūkulu's platform.  I look forward to the next phase of monitoring and continuing education.”


Dinning Industry

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