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CQ benefits, include cross-cultural adjustment, cross-cultural negotiating proficiency and global leadership.





Cultural Intelligence 


Cultural Intelligence, also known as CQ (cultural quotient) is a term that was introduced by P. Christopher Early and Soon Ang in their book of the same name, Cultural Intelligence, published in 2003. CQ refers to an individual or organization's ability (skill set) to relate to and effectively interact and work with others from different cultural backgrounds.

CQ goes beyond mere sensitivity and awareness of cultural differences and extends to embracing diversity and leveraging it towards innovative solutions. CQ is not based on an understanding of any specific culture or similar cultures. CQ is culture free and reflects a skill set that transcends cultures. Being multiracial and living in multicutural environments does not automatically result in CQ. CQ is a product of four components: Drive, Knowledge, Strategy and Action (see below).












CQ Scope
Since its introduction in 2003, CQ has had a significant impact on science and practice globally. CQ is cited in over 1,000 journals, proceedings, and books spanning twenty-four academic disciplines, including management, social sciences, economics and finance, arts and humanities, decision sciences, engineering, and medicine. Beyond academia, CQ is shaping the policies and practices of global human capital across a wide range of industries (including aviation, consulting services, education, finance, high tech, food, real estate, oil and gas, etc.) as well as government and non-profit sectors (e.g., armed forces, education, mental health, judiciary courts, counselling, public service, and religious missions). CQ is rooted in rigorous, academic research conducted across more than 100 countries. 


CQ for Organizations
Globalization, a term that describes the increasing connectedness and interdependence of the world’s economies, cultures, and populations, requires organizations to be able to adapt and transform to a quickly evolving environment or perish. Organizations must ensure that their administration and employees have the skill set to effectively interact with diverse populations (customers & clients) from around the world.

Regardless of the area, field, discipline or industry (music, sports, research, politics, military, hospitality etc.), you will encounter culturally diverse individuals and situations. The greater your level of cultural intelligence, the greater your opportunity and likelihood to have and conduct successful interactions and business. CQ helps individuals and organizations (usconnect to our common humanity — helpful instructions for interpersonal relations of all designs, at home or abroad.

CQ Benefits
For organizaions conducting business in intercultural contexts, CQ offers obvious benefits, including cross-cultural adjustment, cross-cultural negotiating proficiency and global leadership. If the foundation of human interactions is the ability to solve problems, then, CQ can help us in find solutions in unexpected ways including: 

     1. CQ as a catalyst of innovation.

     2. CQ as a common language for addressing issues of diversity.

     3. CQ as a bridge between differences, near and far.

Acquisition of C
Cultural intelligence requires competence in four areas/components:
Beginning with CQ Drive - having the desire and ability to expend time and energy toward learning to interact effectively with those from other cultures and being in intercultural settings.
Followed by CQ Knowledge - being able to understand the differences that describe one group versus another, without resorting to stereotyping specific cultures.
Then CQ Strategy - being able to be aware of, plan for, and adapt to intercultural situations and interactions.
And finally, CQ Action - being able to put knowledge into practice and modify behavior when required.


Get Started 
There are many ways to start your journey toward Cultural Intelligence, and you’ve already started by visiting our website. Regardless of your needs and wants, we have the solutions to get you on the path towards optimal Cultural Intelligence. Click the button below to review our 5-Step Process to Cultural Intelligence then let us know how we may assist you on our Contact page.

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