The Kūkulu methodology is simple and effective, and facilitated in the most non-intrusive manner possible.  The exact process will vary depending on Client, organization, and industry.  However, the general process is outlined below:
5 - Steps to Cultural Competence

The first step on the road to Cultural Competence begins with establishing a baseline via cultural assessments.  Assessments are designed to determine an organizations current level of cultural competence.  Assessments will also identify cultural competence gaps that may be addressed via interventions (education and training).  Assessments typically follow a triangulated approach of archival, observations, interviews, and surveys.

Treatment Plan

Once an organization's needs and wants are identified, Kūkulu will develop a Treatment Plan (TX Plan), a customized package of interventions, designed to address identified cultural competence needs and gaps.  The TX Plan will be developed in consultation with Client and include strategies, goals, and timelines.  TX Plans will consist of a combination of education and training and may include mentoring, counseling, one on one training, group sessions, workshops, and or retreats.


Monitor & Support

After the TX Plan is implemented the organization will be given a period of time (3 to 12 months) to internalize all interventions.  During this internalization phase, the Kukulu Team will monitor progress and challenges, and provide additional assistance (counseling, education, and training) as needed.


A team, with the required resources, will be organized to implement the Tx Plan in the most cost-effective, efficient, and timely manner. If necessary, the initial TX Plan may be revised during this period to maximize accuracy of services.


Fine-tune & Move Forward

At the conclusion of the internalization period, Kūkulu will conduct a follow up assessment to determine the effectiveness of interventions.  A final report will be generated of improvements, continuing gaps, if any, and recommendations moving forward.

Your First Step Towards Cultural Competence Begins with Kūkulu