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Your first step towards Cultual Optimization begins with Kūkulu 

Path to cultural optimization,
our proven 5-step process.

The Kūkulu methodology follows a behavioral and mental health modality that is simple and effective. Services are provided in a unobtrusive, holistic and sustainable manner. The exact process will vary depending on client, organization, and industry. However, the fundamental process remains the same.


The first step to cultural optimization is to establish a cultural baseline. Assessments are designed to determine an organization's strengths, weaknesses, and biases. Our assessments follow a triangulated approach including surveys, interviews, and observations.


Treatment Plan
Once an organization's baseline is determined, including needs and wants,
Kūkulu will develop a Treatment Plan (TP).  The TP will consist of a customized package of services designed to address identified cultural competence issues. The TP will be developed in consultation with organization's admin. and HR and include clearly defined strategies, goals, and timelines. 


Kūkulu team will organize and facilitate the TP effectively and efficiently in the most unobtrusive, holistic, and sustainable manner possible with Aloha. During this period the TP may be modified as needed to optimize outcomes.

The TP will focus on education and training to enhance knowledge and understanding. TP services for staff and admin. may include workshops, group sessions, retreats, and mentoring.


Monitor & Support
After the TP is facilitated and any interventions or programs implemented, the organization will be given a period (3 to 12 months) to internalize services provided.

During this internalization period, the Kūkulu Team will monitor the organization's progress, challenges and provide additional assistance and support as needed to more fully internalize cultural optimization services and targeted outcomes.


& Booster Shots

After the internalization period,
Kūkulu will conduct a follow up assessment of the organization to determine the effectiveness of services provided.

A final report will be generated of improvements, continuing gaps if any, and recommendations for additional services if needed.

Finally, cultural optimization requires ongoing monitoring and education (booster shots). Accordingly, we advise organizational booster shots every 3 to 5 years depending on employee turnover and need.

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