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Organizational culture of Aloha

Kanaka-Centric Culture


Kanaka-Centric Culture (KCC) is a model developed by Kūkulu. Kanaka is the Hawaiian word for Human being. It is a model similar to Human-Centric Culture but infused with Native Hawaiian values of Aloha. KCC blends many of the models mentioned in our Terms to Know page, compliments the Hawaiian and Island cultures and has been modified over time to be relevant and effective for Hawaii market.

KCC is essentially an organizational culture that prioritizes employees and their needs first, as well as internal and external customer service interactions, before focusing on profits. It emphasizes the “human” element of human resources, leadership, and business interactions and communications. In a human-centric culture, the focus is primarily on people (both customers and employees). It prioritizes the most human of values and needs, embraces communication, encourages feedback, inspires innovation, and prioritizes creating a psychologically safe environment that allows everyone to thrive. For a KCC to be successful, leaders and team members must invest time in developing their emotional intelligence.

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