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A critical component for those in Hawaii's hospitality industry

Cultural Competence

Hawaiian Cultural Competence (HCC) is Kūkulu's forte. While our programs can help organizations gain an understanding of the history, challenges, language, values, beliefs and practices of the Native Hawaiian Culture of Hawaii. Our consulting services can help ensure that an organization's commercialization of the Hawaiian culture is done accurately, respectfully, and with cultural sensitivity.

Unlike Cultural Intelligence that is culture neutral and Multicultural Competence that relates to multiple cultures, Hawaiian Cultural Competence is specific to one culture, the Native Hawaiian culture of Hawaii. Whether you provide services to visitors who come to Hawaii, in part, to experience the Hawaiian culture or share/represent aspects of the Hawaiian culture in your branding, products and or services, an optimum level of Hawaiian Cultural Competence is imperative.


Our Native Hawaiian Cultural Competence services and training include but are not limited to: Culturally Competent Branding, Community Liaison, Cultural Program and Marketing Assessments, Crisis Intervention, Cultural Resource Management, Cultural Consultant, and Ho'oponopono (cultural mediation).

Kūkulu is a Native Hawaiian owned company and each of our team members are Native Hawaiian, individuals who love and practice the Hawaiian culture and call Hawaii home. We are confident that we have the knowledge and experience can help address your needs and concerns as it relates to the Hawaiian culture. Information for some of our services are found below. If you do not find your area of concern here, please contact us.


Hawaiian Culture
Competent Branding

We can ensure that what you look, smell, sound, feel, and taste like are culturally sensitive and appropriate relative to the Hawaiian culture.  Services here include:  Development of Name, slogan, and logo.  Consultation on physical structure, interior, and landscape design.  In addition, we can review and ensure that your marketing, promotions, and customer service programs are cultural competence.

Business Meeting

Hawaiian Community Liaison
We can assist you in presenting your ideas, product, and or project, to the Hawaiian Community.  This will be done in a culturally sensitive and appropriate manner that will enhance community response, interest, understanding, and acceptance.  

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Cultural Program Assessments
We can assess your ongoing Hawaiian cultural programs.  It is always better to have an independent 3rd party do this as opposed to an inhouse entity with a vested interest. Whether it's entertainment featuring Hawaiian music and dance, cultural tours on your property, or any other program or event featuring the Hawaiian Culture, we can assess your program and provide recommendations on how to optimize it.


Cultural Crisis
Intervention & Mitigation

The elements of organization crisis typically include: (a) a threat to the organization, (b) the element of surprise, (c) a short time to respond, and (d) a need to change.  Kūkulu can help you deal with threats before, during, and after they have occurred.  Kūkulu has the resources, skills, and techniques required to identify, assess, understand, and cope with serious situations from first impact to recovery.

Campaign Pitch

Culture Specific Consultation & Training

We can provide your organization with issue specific consultation and training on just about any issue you may encounter regarding the Hawaiian culture. Training is available for management and or staff. Training may take the form of mentoring, one to one coaching, seminars, workshops, breakout sessions, and off-site retreats.

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Continuing Education
Cultural optimization is a process that requires constant effort and attention. We can provide your organization with the initial education, as well periodic monitoring and continuing education, as needed.  Our goal is to help your organization reach and maintain optimum cultural competence for excellence.


Hawaiian Culture
Resource Management

We can assist your organization in the management of physical cultural resources on your property such as: ancient trails, walls, fishponds, heiau, and burial grounds.  We can ensure that your interaction with such cultural sites are culturally sensitive and appropriate. In addition, we can ensure that you are compliant with any applicable laws and or regulations under the State of Hawaii.

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ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi
(Hawaiian Language)

Whether you are using a Hawaiian word or phrase in your marketing, written material, naming of a building, project, or signage. We can make sure that you are using the right word and phrases for the right purpose and situation.


Hawaiian 'Awa Circle
The Hawaiian and other Polynesian cultures have been using the awa, or kava in the South Pacific Islands, for hundreds, if not thousands of years, to facilitate communications.

The practice of drinking awa and talking in a circle has many uses and potential benefits such as to welcome special guess and facilitate introductions, part of the process of 
hoʻoponopono, or simply to facilitate important or casual communications.

Get Started 
Regardless of your Hawaiian culture concerns, issues, needs or wants, we have the knowledge, experience and solutions to assist you. Click the button below to review our 5-Step Process to cultural optimization then let us know how we may assist you via our Contact page. 


Traditional Hawaiian process of problem solving and healing between individuals, groups, organizations, and communities.  

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