Established in 2009, Kūkulu’s mission is to meet the growing and evolving demand for Native Hawaiian and Multicultural Competence by Hawai‘i, Pacific Triangle and Pacific Rim organizations.  The Kūkulu Team, is a cohesive collective of experts in the areas of business, education, psychology, and the Hawaiian culture.  The Kūkulu Team will harness its collective resources and utilize Kūkulu's System of Cultural Competence through assessment, intervention, education, and training, to address your organizations unique cultural competence needs and do so with Aloha.  Our Team will enable your organization to thrive in Hawaii's multicultural environment and ensure that your services and or products are delivered in a Native Hawaiian culturally competent manner.

Desmon Haumea

Kumu Ao (cultural expert: traditional martial arts, voyaging, cooking, mediation, canoe building, hula, and healing)
Kuleana: Hawaiian Cultural Competence

Kimo Alameda

PhD in Psychology
Kuleana: Assessments and Interventions

Jenifer Bryan

BA in Interior Design

Kuleana: Architecture and Interior Design

green papers

Kaimi Bourne

BA in Pacific Island Studies

Kuleana: Multicultural Competence

Kamaka Gunderson

PhD in Education

Kuleana: Training

Gloria Ishibashi

Masters in Psychology

Kuleana: Consultations

Pua Ishibashi

JD in Law
BA in Business and Economics

Kuleana: Operations

Sky Ishibashi

Masters in Psychology 
BA in Pacific Island Studies

Kuleana: Hawaiian Cultural Competence

Ola Jenkins

Masters in Education

Kuleana: Hawaiian Cultural Competence

green papers

Brook Parker


Kuleana: Art and Hawaiian History

Roxie Tubbs

Masters in Psychology

Kuleana: Assessments and Training

The Kūkulu Team, Specific Resources for Specific Needs